Ontharr Frume

Human Male Paladin of Torm


Ontharr Frume is a good-natured paladin of Torm. He is a man of action who loves jokes and pranks, a stiff drink, and a friendly scuffle. Ontharr is a tall, stocky man with a powerful build despite being thicker in the stomach in recent years than he’d prefer. While the top of his head is bald, he keeps his auburn beard and mustache long, though not so long that they obscure the symbol of Torm emblazoned on his breastplate.


Ontharr embraces and embodies the virtues of heroics and bravery that Torm is patron of. He values prowess, honesty, and drive in those he comports with, looking to encourage the spirit of heroism in others. This is why the tenets of the Order of the Gauntlet, faith, vigilance, and opposing the threats of evil, seemed like such a natural fit for Ontharr.

Ontharr Frume

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